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Noirs corridors

by Couteau Papillon

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Intro 00:32
L'APRÈS-MONDE Étreintes vides Nos corps dansent à l'infini Sur le verre Du miroir aux alouettes Échos de métal Visages sans reflet Cristallin mon sang Noir de Jais À travers les nuages d'information La vérité est éphémère Pour tout savoir et perdre son temps Bienvenue au club l'après monde
Beachhead 04:59
BEACHHEAD In the early hours Full of empty streets Eyes are looking through windows To see if the daylight Ever reach the ground Or are the clouds too thick? Let our childrens go Born of a struggle Raised as an army Dying endlessly Who's to take the blame? Who can make it change? Maybe no one will Let our childrens go
BERNER L'ASSASSIN Sous mon manteau d'eau je marche Indifférent aux alentours La colère sous le tapis Mon rythme de pas sans merci Je range mon imagination Inconscient des richesses du monde Comme un mégalomane Complice de la mascarade Je rêve d'une femme transparente Aux insaisissables seins À l'intimité sans refuge Vulnérable jusqu'au fond des os M'enivrer me fais voyager La terre en un cercle vicieux Je veux renaître sans attendre Enfin berner l'assassin
Paper crane 05:18
PAPER CRANE Inside your hungry eyes There is a long road So many different paths you'll have to walk alone Through seas and giant grass Leading to meadows Open up Oh my darling Open up All or nothing Until the day is done And we feel safe again Pretending to be strong Pretending it's a game You'll find it peaceful here Out in the forest Open up Oh my darling Open up All or nothing My louise! Etched on every doorstep Fantasy! Can't imagine what else You'll find a way Leading out of yourself You'll find a way Bleeding out of yourself You'll find a way Leading out of yourself
BELLE DE JOUR Belle de jour comme de nuit Brûle de couleurs magique La fournaise saute et toi dehors Tu ris dans les feuilles Et moi composant ma folie Qui me trompe me manipule Mes idées fixes au babillard Mon brouillard de noir Coureurs de l'apocalypse Unissons nous dans la décadence Pourquoi se chasser dans la ville Quand s'ignorer est si facile? Avant qu'on s'évapore J'ai accepté tranquille dans l'âme Les dieux, la mort Ma nature carnivore J'ai espéré franchir le seuil Des mots qui brillent plus fort que la vie Mon cahier couvert De grands idéaux À l'automne au temps des vendanges Un p'tit verre s'impose
Black River 03:40
BLACK RIVER Through the forest Far from streets There's no turning back There's no grief Let me forget Let me sleep Cure the poison Haunting my head Wearing my wounds like my favorite shirt This is the great vomit I've longed for Where to? What for? This river I've crossed before Bright pearls rise from the deep Black river talking to me Bright pearls rises from the deep Black river you look just like me Nothing hiding behind curtain walls Nothing we an carry over Out with the weary life I'm sorry I've been a long time gone What a wonderful life When everywhere just feels like home
Little Star 04:17
LITTLE STAR Little star, what have you learned? Tell me how long will I burn? When all my past stand behind Will you shine on brighter days? When all my fire is spent When my body wither and bend Will you stay at the side of my bed? Hold the light and kiss me farewell Time is only speeding up For us, poor us Turning demons into dust Stardust, stardust Until nothing here remains I know, I know And our child, how will he grow? Will he love as much as we've shown? Now help me climb up the stairs Hold me while I slip through
NOIRS CORRIDORS Les châteaux mouillés Au pied des étoiles Nos épaves de bois Rongées par le feu d'argent Baignant dans le sang Des nuits sans éveil Nos passions mortelles Transportées par le vent Dansent les vautours Dors bien mon amour « Un air bizarre » Plein de sottises, un savoir-faire « Un cri perçant » Sur les routes au visage d'hiver « Dis-moi la mer » Une soif folle dans le désert « Rentre au bercail » Chercher l'amour au cimetière Perdu aux champs d'hier Le soleil montgolfière Fait jour de fête Chante les courants Songe aux nuages dans le firmament Ta peau en fleur Glisse sur les pages de mon esprit ailleurs Berce mes hantises noires Noirs corridors Où vacillent les lueurs du mauvais sort Viens prends mon âme C'est à toi d'en faire ce que tu veux
SWORD OF HEART Shy, ashamed and awkward we fall Faster than the bristling leaves While old curses linger through the halls Our ghosts scared of the afterlife Up, up, climb up the wisdom wall! Carry our souls to the light Our blood is a poisonous wine Cool as the forest breeze Why won't the fight Come to an end? « We will stand for them » This sword of heart lays in your hands «We will love for them» We can wonder, but in the end Tomorrow we fall Tortured, grim and cold Better shoot the dice for me And all of the praises and gold Won't change a thing you'll see Why won't the fight Come to an end? « We will stand for them » This sword of heart lays in your hands «We will love for them» We can wander, but in the end Tomorrow we fall Madmen of a generation gone Laughing lions at your feets The poor man's been erased for too long, too long Smoke and mirrors will reveal Your true self naked
Lost At Sea 03:44
LOST AT SEA Lost in the well Singing « ma belle » Ain't it funny how love Doesn't set me free? I'm out of time but The secret's mine Blazing like a comet Through the air and seas Hurry up while the sun don't shine Before the streets turns you blind We'll get shopping frenzy downtown There is no truth No distant place Our boats only sailing To get lost at sea
Springtime 04:54
SPRINGTIME Laughing at the sea It's authenticity What lies beyond the waves Is a world pointless and empty Nothing seems to move Only Doxa floating Be my mirror my soul We'll pass away without a sound I'm under the spell Bewitched and scared to feel again The hours are so cold Since I last saw you pierce my heart And drink what came out of it Swimming down the stream Deep into the night I can hear the crowd They're artificial and obsene Another empty dream You and I walking for a while Our breaths fresh like mint Whispering words that don't make sense I think I'm going insane It's springtime!
Young Moon 06:18
YOUNG MOON Left out in the corner Might as well be dead I can't believe You still care Tell me what's your story? Are you feeling hurt? They won't listen And you won't tell Young moon Shining on the restless Puzzles that can't be resolved Hey now, don't you worry baby Your eyes are all I see Still stuck in the corner Tell me when I'll be dead I can't believe You're still there // While we're still into this Let's make it right We'll get straight down to it No surmise Be strong Carry on Young moon
DON'T BE LATE Have a good laugh Enjoy your stay Along the river songs will fire away Tales to be told Confessions to be made Tell the primary school boys Don't be late! Let your heart be broken Your figure made silent The gift of living brings a share of pain But keep your chin up Your feets walkin' Do yourself a favor and hush it away If the question fills your mind Go easy now Don't let it drag you down Put the record once again Be entertained By the quality of sound The nuances that the artist Took a life to get to you Welcome to the show Where there's no rhymes or reasons At eight o clock the band hits the stage You'll be taken alive but I'm sorry to say The hotels are packed There's no place to stay


Depuis septembre 2015 Couteau Papillon lance une nouvelle chanson chaque mois, accompagnée d'une illustration unique, par le biais de la plateforme de financement participatif Patreon. L'album "Noirs corridors" réunis les pièces ainsi créés.

Merci à tout nos contributeurs Patreon!


released December 9, 2015

Musique et textes par Philippe Lachance, sauf:

Berner l'assassin par Pierre-Marc Lemire et Philippe Lachance

Production et mixage par Philippe Lachance

Illustration: Linda Luttinger


Philippe Lachance: voix, guitare, basse, synthétiseur, piano

Linda Luttinger: voix

Sara Breitkreutz: voix

Pierre-Marc Lemire: batterie


all rights reserved



Couteau Papillon Montréal, Québec

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